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These are some of my talks.

Beware, some of them are in Russian or German.

"Creative AI: from machine learning to machine thinking" ENG

Global Innovation Forum

Plenary talk. Yerevan, 2018

"AI and creativity" DE


Campus-talk. Berlin, 2018

"How AI attacks boredom" RUS

Yet Another Conference

Plenary talk. Moscow, 2018

"Automated music generation with artificial neural networks" ENG

IDAGIO tech talk.

Berlin, 2017

"On evolution of applied AI" RUS


Plenary talk. Novosibirsk, 2018

"How big data analytics works in the real world" ENG

Machine Learning: Prospects and Applications

Discussion. Berlin, 2015

"Social Economics" RUS

Yet Another Conference on Marketing

Plenary talk. Moscow, 2014

"Freeconomics" RUS


Plenary talk via Skype. Odessa, 2014

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